We work with brands within the categories of apparel, home, beauty, kids and food & beverages.

Censuum wants to embrace brands at different levels of maturity, so we have formats that cater to both small start-ups and more established brands. Therefore we offer 3 different solutions: Table, Wall or Shop-in-Shop. The pricing is a hybrid of a fixed monthly fee and a percentage of sales

Having 40+ of the coolest brands that fill up your Instagram feed under the same roof is our greatest asset. The community mindset of our brands and the synergy that is created across their channels combined with Censuum efforts in PR, SoMe, Content creation, Advertising, Events, Omnichannel features etc. has a massive traffic driving effect.

Censuum is not just a distribution/sales channel - it is a very effective media channel to create brand awareness and introduce your product physically. We cater specifically to online brands, which means we deliver data from your offline space near the quality and richness you are used to from your online store. We have shaped our solution as a subscription-based retail-as-a-service product, which means you get the best possible solution, without carrying the risk, costs or operations of doing it yourself. Being alongside 40+ like-minded brands exploring the synergies of working together is unique to Censuum.

Yes! We love to activate the brands in Censuum in different ways. Therefore, the Censuum store can be used to host events, workshops or whatever you can think of. Dependent on the event it can either be during opening hours or after the store is closed.

At Censuum one of our greatest assets is our in-store staff as they are a significant part of the experience in-store. Therefore we put a lot of effort into hiring the greatest team with competencies within the different categories. Each brand gets allocated 1-2 people who are specialists in your brand and product. Furthermore you get the possibility to train them yourself.