Aqua, Crambe abyssinica seed oil phytosterol esters, Glycerin, Betaine, Gluconolactone, Lysolecithin, Sclerotium gum, Sodium anisate, Xanthan gum, Pullulan, Sodium Hyaluronate, Levulinic acid, Sodium Levulinate, Ascorbyl glucoside, Arginine, Glycogen, Silica.

AiiA Night Care Serum

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Experience the feeling of A healthy and Moisture-saturated skin in balance, With our Caring Night Care Serum. This night serum is formulated with active ingredients that Wont and Strengthens the skin's own protective barrier. Wake Up to That your skin feels Revived with a healthy glow And with a More Even skin tone after any time use.

To experience the full effect, we recommend three months of use, which is the time your skin spends recovering itself (the skin cycle). We also recommend combining AiiA Night Care Serum with AiiA Day Care Serum To Morning. Together, the serums add all the skin needs to function optimally – at night and during the day.

Principle is, That the skin should be nourished, nurtured and rebuilt at night – and that the skin should be protected Against pollution, sun and stress During the day. The two products are designed to compliment and support each other: AiiA Night Care nourishes the skin while AiiA Day Care both nourishes and protects. Together, the two serums help the skin to form an optimum moisture balance and achieve a strong immune system.

Night Care Serum is made for all ages and skin types, and even the most allergic and sensitive skin can use it without irritation.

Apply a small amount evenly to clean skin (face and neck) every night. After application, the skin feels reassured and balanced.

Note that the serum is designed to be used alone, without the need for extra skin care steps, such as cream.

If you have a very dry skin type you may find that you feel the need to apply more nutritious skin care products afterwards, but most skin types do not need extra skin care. DA Can Take up to half an hour before the feeling of moisture saturated is inserted, since the lightweight and silicone-free serum does not lay itself on top of the skin, as many are accustomed to skin care does, but instead penetrate into the skin.

We call on Therefore To try to use this serum alone without applying the cream afterwards for at least a few weeks, to give her skin time to find its natural balance. If, after half an hour, you still feel that your skin needs more nourishment, you may want to give your skin an extra layer of serum during this period.

AiiA Care Products are certified hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and made from natural ingredients the body can recognize and benefit from. AiiA Care Products are certified with the Swan brand, AllergyCertified and Ecocert COSMOS. The Swan label guarantees product quality and environmental friendliness and is based on a life cycle assessment. AllergyCertified is your assurance that our products are hypoallergenic, and reduces the risk of developing allergies. Ecocert COSMOS proves the natural importance of our ingredients and promotes sustainable development.