BY NACHT-Perfect Nacht Sleeping Balm

BY NACHT-Perfect Nacht Sleeping Balm

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The better you sleep, the better you look! This beautifully smooth balm combines 100% pure essential oils from Ylang Ylang flower, MelissaOfficinalis leaf, and Lavandula Angustifolia that all have a proven record of supporting good sleep. It will not only help to make you slumber like a baby again, but also allows your body to activate its natural nocturnal skin renewal program and enable our BYNACHT® skin care products to work their magic, so you can wake up feeling good and looking radiant.

Directions: Apply to pulse points (wrist, temples, and soles of the feet), chest, nose and neck. For external use only

Warnings: Product contains pure, organic essential oils. Avoid direct contact with eyes and mouth.