Body Lotion Light and Moisturising

Dragor Skincare Body-Lotion

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Pamper your body with Dragör Skincares Body Lotion it makes your skin soft and supple without being greasy - it's a luxury. Our Body Lotion is easy to distribute to the skin and is absorbed quickly. Lotion has a high content of our organic signature oils, which nurture and strengthen the skin's natural barriers and together with organic glycerin binds moisture and gives the skin its elasticity and glow back.The Body Lotion has a high content of our unique signature oil blend of organic hempseed and rapeseed oil , rosehip oil from the seeds and seabuckthorn oil from the fruit. This mixture results in a special combination of i.a. Omega-3, -6, -7 and -9 fatty acids, antioxidants, plant sterols and carotenes. In addition to antioxidants from the oils, vitamins E and C have also been added. Sea buckthorn oil gives our Body Lotion the beautiful intense yellowish color and together with the other oils a scent of nature.
All our products are
- Natural & Perfume Free & Vegan
- With Nordic organic oil
- Filled in bottles of 100% recycled fishing nets
- Developed from a sustainable and circular mindset